What is new in MediaSat-ME 8.0
– gstreamer 1.11.2 git
– python 2.7.12
– enigma2 20170411 base openPli
– Hardware solose (20161228)
– kernel version– 3.13.5
– [linux-vuplus] enable usb serial device drivers for ARM receivers

Main Features:
o MX GRAPHITE mod mamba65
o New GOLIATH HD Skin by mamba65 (vu+ hd51 end dm900)
o New Flash online plugins (all MediaSat-ME supported recivers)
o New MeFull Backup
o New Me apps

o Blue panel
o Green Panel
o Extra Settings
o Addons panel
o Compatible with OE-A and PLi plugins and Skins
This Image has the latest drivers but CAN be installed in OpenMultiboot. The image does not need to be installed in flash.
This latest version of the MediaSat-ME series has been updated and improved for maximum stability and performance.

Epg system:
– Integrated OpenEpg
– Rytec dedicated epg.dat

Main functions of the buttons on the remote :
OK button = Skin with simple information
OK button x 2 = Extra Info Skin

Blue button = ME Blue Panel
Blue button and then Red button = MEEpgPanel
Blue button and then Yellow button = System Monitor Panel
Blue button long press = Extensions
Yellow button = Audio menu
Green button = ME Green Panel
Green button long press = Subservices
Green button and then Red button = Fast Plugin Setup
Green button x 2 = Fast Plugin

Green button and then Yellow button takes you to:-
Dedicated server for MediaSat-ME addons
Download and install additional packages from the MediaSat-ME server

Infobar / OSD :
Channel orbital location
Advanced Tuner Info: Sr Freq Pol Fec
Signal SNR, BER
Infobar picons
Characteristics of MediaSat-ME Panels
Blue Panel
Extra Settings
OSD Settings (OSD configuration)
Devices Manager
Usb Format Wizard
Inadyn Settings (Configure Inadyn)
Swap File Settings (Configure File Swap)
Hard Disk Settings (Configure Hard Drive)
Tuner Server
Network Browse & Mountpoints

Info Panel:
1 – Gui Setting (Gui configurations)
2 – Service Information (information system)
3 – About (info)
Memory (Memory)
Space (capacity)
CPU (processor)
Process (process)
EPG Panel
Global settings (global settings EPG)
Setting Provider (ISP settings)

Green Panel:
Fast Plugin Setup (Configure quick access to your favourite plugin)
Fast Plugin (Access your favourite plugin)
Addons (added)
Addons Download Manager (Manager for package downloading)
Manual Install MEpackges (Manual installation of ME_tarbz packages)
Manual Install IPK packages (Manual installation of IPK packages)
Addons Uninstall Panel (Uninstalled packages)
Credits :
Thanks to mamba65 for new skins.
Thanks to the group of Beta Testers.
No you don’t have to upgrade to the new MediaSat-ME image, this image is completely separate from the original MediaSat-ME image, this is simply an alternative image so we can offer our users more choice, if you are happy with your current image, then you can continue to use that image, if you want to try the new MediaSat-ME image then you can do so.