New EGAMI 8.0 Ready for Dreambox 900 UHD

◾[New] OE-A 4.0 [oe-alliance-core]
◾[Update] Egami-base 1.0r2
◾[Update] Egami-enigma2 1.0r6
◾[Update] GStreamer
◾[Update] Python 2.7.12-r1.3
◾[Update] GCC 6:20
◾[Update] Blibc 2.2.4
◾[Update] Bitbake 1:32
◾[Update] Multistream
◾[Update] EGAMI Multiboot
◾[Update] EGAMI SpeedUP
◾[Update] Enigma Wizard
◾[Update] oDreamy-FHD
◾[Update] Plugins
◾[Update] Drivers some available decoders
◾[Update] Multi Tuner function boxes with DVB-C / T (Hybrit Tuner)
◾[Update] ATSC tuner and EPG for USA and other countries
◾[Update] Busybox 1.24.1-r0.34
◾[Update] Opkg 1:0.3.3-r0.2
◾[Update] Smbclient 3.6.25-r7
◾[Update] initscripts-functions 1.0r155.8
◾[Update] tuxbox-common -git
◾[Update] netbase 1:5.3-r1
◾[Update] update Polish translation
◾[Update] update French by pr2
◾[Update] aio-grab – git
◾[New] HD51 has KODI 17.0
◾[New] Bootlogo EGAMI 8.0
◾[Fix] Parental Control
◾[New] [EpgSelection] change for free or repeated timer added
◾[New] [] Fixed that sometimes the InfoBar didn’t show
◾[New] Selecting the high badwith resolution for hls streams
◾[Fix] [ScanSetup] Send 5v enable option to DVB-T2 blindscan