[IMAGE] EGAMI 7.2.15 pour DREAMBOX 900 UHD

[NEW] DM900 UHD – thx to TV-SAT EXPERT
[NEW] Gstreamer 1.11 use mkv perser to parse webm media.
[NEW] VideoMode – add DTS downmix
[NEW] add HBBTV aitreader carousel reader
[NEW] DTS downmix, rename Digital downmix to AC3 downmix.
[NEW] lib/nav/core.cpp] Get the frontend slotID in a simple
[UPDATE] hide mmi event when active
[UPDATE] [skin] attribute OverScan added
[FIX] tuner was not tuned
[FIX] fixes the error that “equal” and “loopthrough” have not been saved
[FIX] fix atsc scan with satfinder
[SUPPORT] Thanks TV-SAT EXPERT http://www.tvsat-sklep.com

egami VU+ uno



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