OpenSpa 3.1

What’s new:

– Vuplus Drivers 18/03/14
– AZBox HD kernel 3.3.1
– AZBox HD Drivers 03/02/14
– EVO Enfinity Drivers 23/02/14
– AZBox HD fix: RCU buttons sensibility.
– spzMosaic free for all.
– New skin openSPA_basic_Extra (openSPA_basic activated by default). New features in infobar and more.
– New Bootlogo by MADOSS (Thx).
– New spinner by mpiero.
– Plugin LCD4linux v4.0-r1 for Duo2
– Mediacenter: better filelist browse.
– MultiBoot: fix HDD internal & external conflictive mount.
– MyTube: fix play videos.
– TVWeb 1.0.13 (Updated module Pelis24; old modules seriesyonkis & peliculasyonkis changed by new ones seriespepito & peliculaspepito, & other minor fixes).
– Fix displays in all boxes.
– AudioSelection: fix access using yellow button. (ToDo:Fix freeze when changing audio track in Azbox HD).
– Fix GS when reboot or standby box. It should work fine “Deep Standby” mode.
– Updated skin BlackModernHD.
– Updated EPG equivalences (Thx Kaspita).
– Minor fixes in skin Basic.
– Minor fixes in plugin spzWeather.
– Minor fixes in plugin vuuledbrightnesssetup (vu+ ultimo).


OpenSpa Menú: Horizontal menu allowing access to all features of the receiver
TVWeb: TV On Demand in spanish services
Panel Info: Receiver advanced info (network, storage, tuners, camds, ect)
EPG MHW2: Automatic 7-days EPG download – MHW2 (C+)
Downloads Panel: plugin to download plugins, skins, picons, camds, direct from the box.
File Explorer: Browse, move, copy, etc files from receiver and allows to install Ipk’s & more.
USB-DTT Manager: Automatic install usb-dtt tuners (vtuner)
Camd Manager: Camds/Emus manager
OpenSpa Meteo: Weather info plugin skin embedded
Mediacenter + IMDB: Playing video, audio & images with integrated IMDB.
Installed plugins manager: To select which plugins will be installed to the box. Specially for boxes with less resources, such as AZbox.
Virtual keyboard
– Crond Manager
– Swap Manager
– Key remapping
– Zap History
– Add IP Services
– Flash Online
– And much more..