OE 2.0 Archive

OpenViX 4.0 pour récepteurs les VU+

The worlds first Enigma2 team to bring you 1920×1080 full HD skin support, are proud to introduce a brand new ViX image for all OpenViX supported receivers OpenViX 4.x is based on the OE-Alliance v3.3 core. You cannot perform an online update if you are currently on any pre OpenViX 4.x image. You can flash

Opendroid V.5.3 pour toutes les VU+

New Release Opendroid V.5.3 New: OpenDroid 5.3 Enigma:2016-01-22 **Creators image Opendroid** gimsy,formianodicastellone Beta Testers All: filolau,gustin,salvino,osianese,juvent,true Skinner: Mmark Porting e Mod Skin oDreamy Formianodicastellone,Satinfo Beta Tester Spark: juvent, Very Thanks juvent!!! ———————– NEW!!! receiver supported Edision mini combo! New: New!! OE-Core 3.2 New: New!! V. 1.27.1 bitbake New: New!! gcc V 4.9.2 New: New!! gclib

Satdreamgr 4 pour toutes les VU+

Team Sat Dream Gr is pleased to present you the new OE 2.0 image which is based the new OpenPLi 4 except the image of Dreambox 800 hd is based on OpenPLI 3 This one is the first edition and is the basis of our new software. on this we will continue with your own