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[SOFTCAM] OSCAM 11380 pour Amiko A3/Combo & A4 Combo

OSCAM version 11380 pour Amiko A3/Combo & A4 Combo

[IMAGE] Opendroid V5.5 pour Amiko Alien 2

The openDroid image Today is a brand new structure, Thank you all for the New Test !!! **developers Image openDroid** gimsy,formianodicastellone A special thanks to all the beta testers Skinner: Mmark Porting e Mod Skin oDreamy: Formianodicastellone,Satinfo BootLogo and splash: robijay Picon default: robijay Spinner: robijay Beta Tester Spark: juvent, Very Thanks juvent!!! New:New!! OE-Core