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[IMAGE] SatDreamGR 8.0 pour Vu+

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[IMAGE] OpenPLUS 1.1 pour Vu+ UNO

[IMAGE] OpenLD 3.4 pour les récepteurs Vu+ 55.9 MB 88 MB 54.6 MB 82 MB 84.6 MB 73.8 MB 106.1 MB 57.8 MB 66.2 MB 105.8 MB

[IMAGE] OpenSPA 6.0 pour Vu+ UNO

[IMAGE] OpenESI 8.6 pour Vu+ UNO

[IMAGE] Pur-E2 6.5 pour Vu+


[IMAGE] Hyperion 7.1 pour Vu+


[IMAGE] BLACKHOLE 3.0.9 Multistream

Black Hole 3.0.9​ What is new ? ​ Support MIS with 45308X DVB-S2X Tuner (Ultimo4K, Duo4K, Uno4K SE, Uno4K) Various background updates, tweaks and bug fixes. Support DVB-C in Dual MTSIF DVB-T2 tuner (Ultimo4K, Duo4K, Uno4K SE, Uno4K) ** *Limitation : TS is broken when both tuners are in use, if one tuner is configured

[IMAGE] VTi 14.0.x

[IMAGE] VTi 14.0.x for Vu+ receivers From VTi Team VTi Panel (Blue Button) Supported languages: English, German, Dutch, Italian, Turkish, Danish, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Czech, Arabic, French, Swedish, Portuguese (Portugal), Greek, Bulgarian, Hungarian With modular, flexible VTi skins VTi Bootlogos and Radiomode Logo. Short press on blue button opens VTi Panel, long press opens Pluginmenu