Monthly Archive:: February 2019


-[powervu] Added support for hash mode 29 -[streamserver] Users can now set a fake caid for services (Some services, while being encrypted, they don’t have any caid set. Users can now add a caid for these services in the SoftCam.Key, using a special syntax) ************************************* NCAM 8.6 DM900UHD – DM920UHD, DM520,DM525, DM820, DM7080 (DEB) OOZOON,

[SOFTCAM] OSCam 11.494

OSCam 11.494 ————————- OSCAM pour DM900UHD,  DM920UHD, DM520,DM525, DM820, DM7080 (DEB) OOZOON, DREAM ELITE, NEWNIGMA2, GEMINI OSCAM pour Vu+ solo, Uno, Duo, Ultimo, Zero, solo 4k, ultimo 4k, uno 4k, mutant hd51, 52, AX 51/52, Xtrend ET11000/120000, Spycat 4K, Edision 4k, Octagon 4k​, DM900 OpenATV, BlackHole, OpenBH, OpenLD, OpenPLi, OpenHDF, OpenVix, VTI, SatDreamGr, OpenDroid…